PCN Services

Education Hub

There is funding available to support an Educational Lead/Leads to help plan and coordinate education to both for ARRS roles and Member Practices

Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS)

There is a set budget allocated to the PCN each year by NHS England to employ additional roles which create a multi-disciplinary team. This funding can be allocated in many ways and it is decided by the PCN how to allocate this based on local needs.

ARRS Member

Role Description

Care Co-ordinator

Care co-ordinators provide additional support to the patient and their carers to ensure their changing needs are met. They can refer to other services to support the individual.

First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP)

The Physiotherapists assess, diagnose, treat and manage new MSK problems. Note this must be an acute issue which is first assessed over the phone then face to face. The patient can be followed up but this is not a long-term solution (would need to be CDIMS).

Health and Wellbeing Coach

These individuals are contracted through Wellbeing for Life. They follow up patients who have had an annual health check to ensure we are meeting their health needs.

Mental Health Worker and YPMH Worker

Melanie works within Derwentside as a first contact adult mental health worker- she sees new mental health presentations with the exception of those who are actively suicidal or high risk.

Cassie works as a YPMH worker and sees patients with new mental health concerns under the age of 18 years. 

Trainee Nursing Associate

This role bridges the gap between a healthcare assistant (HCA) and nurses. They deliver hands-on person-centred care and are trained by a nurse within the practice whilst attending courses and rotations which develop their skills.

Social Prescribing Link Worker (SPLW)

SPLWs create holistic plans and provide care through signposting the patient to support groups and local resources to fulfil their health, social and mental needs.


The pharmacists can clinically assess and treat patients as well as undertaking tasks such as medication reviews and chronic disease management.


Podiatrists diagnose and treat foot and lower limb conditions- they will assess, evaluate and treat both acute and long-term conditions.

GP Assistant

General Practice Assistants (GPAs) form part of a multi-disciplinary team within primary care, and provide a support role, carrying out administrative tasks, combined in some areas with basic clinical duties, helping to free up GPs time and contribute to the smooth running of appointments, improving patients experience in the surgery